Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil Worth the Hype?

Coconut oil is a vegetable fat which means it has been widely used in beauty and medicine for centuries. As the world shifts towards a more plant-based approach to food, the benefits of vegetable fats are under the spotlight. Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil is a new product in the market of healthy living which focuses on the advantages of coconut oil. It is basically a supplement. Despite medical studies analyzing the wonders of coconut oil, this product is not meant to treat any diseases. It is something that boosts the power of your regular diet. It could add important nutrients which are missing in your diet.

Organic & natural

It’s no secret that the Industrial Revolution severely damaged the environment and affected the overall health of humans despite technological advancement. People are beginning to respect older agricultural practices more and more. They may not have given the best yields but have proven to be much safer than modern agriculture. The chemicals used in farming such as fertilizers, pesticides and growth regulators may have adverse effects on human health. Organic food, though expensive, largely solves this issue.

Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil includes raw materials sourced organically. So, there is no trace of dangerous agricultural chemicals in this product. In addition, synthetic chemicals are totally eliminated from processing. It is expeller-pressed from dried coconut “meat”. No solvents used in manufacturing it unlike the conventional techniques. What you receive in the end is a completely organic product that is 100% natural.


Let’s take a look at the list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer. Coconut oil consists mostly of saturated fat and a small percentage of unsaturated fat. There are no trans fats present in it.

Lauric acid

Coconut oil usually contains around 48% lauric acid as the major saturated fat. It has quite the reputation in the medical profession. There are a number of illnesses related to the reproductive system that are treated using lauric acid. These include genital herpes and genital warts. You might be surprised to learn that lauric acid is being researched for its potential to help patients afflicted with HIV/ AIDs. In addition, it may prevent the transmission of the HIV from mother to child during pregnancies. It has been used to cure fever blisters, cold sores, bronchitis and gonorrhea. Lauric acid has been proven to be effective against viral infection, yeast infection and parasitical infection caused by Giardia lamblia and ringworm.

Food amounts of lauric acid are safe to consume as long as there is no overeating. It is also fine for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women in a balanced diet. However, it is important to note that it is not recommended in medicinal form for breastfeeding women because it transfers to breast milk. It would be wise to consult your doctor before taking Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil if you are in such a state. Currently, there are no reports of lauric acid drug interactions.

Caprylic acid

This compound is found in human breast milk and the milk of domestic cattle. It naturally occurs at a level of roughly 7% in coconut oil. There are studies that indicate that it helps lower blood pressure. It is effective in epilepsy and further research is underway to explore its application for seizure treatment. It is also beneficial for the digestive system in patients who don’t have enough good bacteria in their stomach. Caprylic acid may be used to treat illnesses where there is an abnormally low level of albumin in the body. This may happen sometimes to patients who need to undergo dialysis regularly. It has been helpful to treat chylothorax which results in chyle flooding the chest cavity. Besides, caprylic acid promotes the absorption of fats in the human body.

While caprylic acid is a wonderful fat to be consumed in your diet, you must be careful about taking it in excess. It has side effects including nausea, bloating and diarrhea if anyone consumes too much of it. Not enough is known yet to make it safe for pregnant women or breast-feeding mothers as a supplement. People with liver disease should exercise caution with caprylic acid because they might not be able to break it down. This could cause high levels of the compound in their body increasing the risk of coma. It is known to lower blood pressure so it’s not that suitable for people suffering from hypotension. There aren’t any drug interactions reported for it as of now.

Other fats

There are polyunsaturated fatty acids as well as a monounsaturated fatty acid in Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil. Oleic acid is the only mono unsaturated fatty acid in this supplement at just 6.5% per serving. The polyunsaturated fatty acids occupy 5% of the total content in every serving. Diet conscious people should be aware that it contains 22 calories per serving.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements. Since this product has saturated fatty acids, make sure to ask your doctor before using it if you have heart problems. The American Heart Association says to limit the consumption of saturated fats to 13g per day. The total fat here is only 2g and the saturated fat is 1.76g.

Dosage & Pricing

The manufacturer recommends taking two soft gels daily preferably, one in the morning and one in the evening. You should never exceed this limit due to the possible side effects mentioned above. You get 60 capsules per container so one bottle will last you 30 days if you take them every day. They claim that their statements on the label have been evaluated by FDA.

Nutrition Hacks Organic Coconut Oil offers a 90-day money back guarantee even if you send them back empty bottles in case you are dissatisfied. At the moment, you may purchase one bottle for $69 (including shipping and handling) from their official website. However, you can buy three or more bottles and get free shipping.


Now, you decide if this product is worth the price.