Proflexoral Review – The Real Truth Behind It.


Joint diseases are closely connected to the process of aging which is why researchers are considering anti-aging compounds for joint pain relief drugs. Lately, there has been a lot of hype around Proflexoral. The manufacturers claim that it provides quick relief from aching joints, reduces inflammation, slows down joint degeneration and activates regeneration. The origin of the active ingredient, BSE, is said to be traditional Japanese medicine. Considering how millions of patients trust traditional Asian medicine for joint pain, there’s a high chance Proflexoral could be a miracle supplement.

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What is inside Proflexoral?

The most important thing to consider for any supplement or drug is the list of ingredients. The manufacturers of this supplement say that Proflexoral’s claims are backed by scientific studies. Let’s take a closer look at this claim, shall we?

The top active ingredient according to the company is BSE (Boswellia serrata extract). This species is found across the Indian subcontinent and is the source of Indian frankincense. BSE contains pentacyclic triterpene acids. Research studies have hinted that they help with both joint pain and inflammation. An interesting fact is that BSE is not number one on the ingredient list of Proflexoral but number two at 200 mg per serving.

At 1500 mg per serving, glucosamine sulphate is the first ingredient listed there. Studies suggest that it slows down the breakdown of cartilage in knee joints. It’s supposedly effective for light to moderate pain in the knees. Side effects are only mentioned for abnormally high doses. Caution is advised for patients with diabetes, heart trouble, kidney issues, bleeding diseases and hypertension. There isn’t enough evidence to make it safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women at the moment. Chondroitin sulphate is another sulphur compound found in Proflexoral. It is actually not suggested for inclusion in supplements because clinical data has revealed that it’s not effective in supplements. However, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is also present in Proflexoral and this drug is usually combined with chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate for joint pain relief. MSM is widely employed to lessen inflammation and treat joint pain. In addition, it has shown good results in slowing down the degeneration of joints that naturally occurs with age. There may be minimal side effects for oral consumption if the dosage is high. Just like glucosamine sulphate, MSM is not yet deemed safe for pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.


Besides these active ingredients, there are some odd choices on the list. Quercetin is also present in Proflexoral. It’s a flavoioid but it is not promoted as an antioxidant for medical use by scientists. Methionine is an amino acid that is used for healing wounds but not specifically recommended for joint pain. Bromelain is found in pineapple stems. It soothes inflammation and promotes healing. It is used in combination with a protease (enzyme for proteins) and rutin (quercitin combined with rutinose sugar) to relieve joint pain. As you may have guessed, protease and rutin are absent from this ingredient list rendering bromelain useless in Proflexoral.

A plus point apart from the active ingredients is that Proflexoral doesn’t have common allergens like dairy products, nuts, gluten, etc. It is also devoid of any hormones that may upset your body and cause serious side effects.

Short term benefits

One of the reasons Proflexoral is so popular is that it gives you pleasing results in under an hour. Some patients reported that it granted them an advantage within 15 minutes. It reduces inflammation that increases naturally with aging through enzymatic action in your body. Enzymes require active sites to carry out everyday reactions. BSE possesses enzyme inhibiting power that acts against this inflammation process. Patients suffering from joint disease have a lot of difficulty getting started in the morning. Proflexoral treats the swelling in your joints providing much needed relief from pain. There was noticeably less stiffness and inflammation in the morning. This made getting up from bed and walking much easier.

Patients didn’t have to postpone or cancel events because of their joint pain once they started taking Proflexoral. They found themselves drifting off to a peaceful sleep at night because their joints weren’t bothering them like they used to. As the cartilage between joints wears down in old age, the bones bump together at every movement. This “knocking” effect causes patients to experience severe pain.

Natural ingredients

Since we’ve already gone through the list, you’ll know by now that the Proflexoral ingredients are naturally found in nature. Some are produced by the human body while others were discovered in plants such as BSE. While some compounds maybe synthesized in a laboratory, the manufacturers insist that the ingredients are derived from natural sources.

Allopathic medicine prescribed for joint pain tends to disrupt normal function of the digestive system. Some painkillers may even cause addiction. This makes patients fearful of taking these medicines. Since prescribed drugs are often in pure form, researchers are unable to replicate the exact effect they have in a natural setting. This is what leads to side effects that are often absent in tried and tested traditional Japanese medicine.

Clinical testing has not revealed any side effects of Proflexoral but you should be cautious about the side effects of individual compounds as mentioned before.

Long term benefits

This supplement has a big advantage that other drugs might not give. The compounds included in Proflexoral are such that they kicks start the process of regeneration in weary old joints. This means that your body will continue to build up instead of breaking down even if you stop taking it. Proflexoral slows down the deterioration of cartilage. It soothes and heals your joints. You will notice increased flexibility in your joints despite not taking it so regularly. You will feel like you are growing more independent even with your joint illness.

Conclusion( Why Should You Buy Proflexoral?)

Proflexoral is made in the US in accordance with quality control standards. They have attractive offers for regular customers. There’s a money-back guarantee and at 39.99 USD, it’s a good deal considering the numerous benefits it provides.